Membership Benefits

The social aspect will make your riding more enjoyable and make exercise feel more fun!

Regardless of your starting fitness, speed and strength, there is a group that can feel like home until you are ready to move to a faster group.

The club has sponsors so although there is a co-pay for special events it is highly subsidised.

Riding in a group brings safety, and there are plenty of people to advise on how to ride, technical bicycle maintenance etc.

Club members are eligible for discounts at partner stores and venues

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We keep our community informed

via a monthly newsletter giving details of planned road rides, support driver duties, community news & special events.

We use our WhatsApp group for more regular communication including reminding everyone about the planned rides for the weekend.
A few responsibilities

Listen, Wear, Attend, Respect

As a member you will be required to perform vehicle support duty at least once a year.

It is a club requirement to wear kit for all Saturday rides.

Listen to road marshalls instructions, and guidance. Riding as part of a club is not a competition, there isn’t a winner. We aim to stay safe, upright and have a good time out on our bikes!

It is a club requirement for all members to wear an ICE ID bracelet. Read the Ride Rules
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Beginners Welcome

We have various groups to cater for all levels:
Group A: A group are the racing snakes, and generally do the longer distances, with an average speed of around 32kph.

Group B: B Group are the fast riders, who have an average speed of around 29kph.

Group C: The average speed for this group is around 26kph.

Group D: This is intended for newbies and people recovering from injury/illness - this group adapts to the riders on the day, and has an average speed of up to 22kph.